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Wireless Lavalier MicPods

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Are you worried about messy cable when you interviewing?  Do you want to wander freely around when performing? Do you want to say bye-bye noise and hello to a crystal clear voice when you vlogging on the street? Our Wireless Lavalier MicPods might be an option. Plug it, Feel it!👋

Our Wireless Lavalier MicPods for Android, iPhone, DLSR, and the game box is the perfect solution for Tiktok Creators, Youtubers, Vloggers, Podcasters, Interviewers, and other Video Recording Lovers. It is a great choice for podcasting and creating Youtube on the go.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Nice set of Wireless Lavalier MicPods worked straight away and the sound is perfect. I do a podcast while driving and these were great for the noise cancellation. And I love the charging case - compact and neat, Thank you" - Mollie P.

What's included in MicPods Package?

MicPods - wireless lavalier microphone - 360° spatial sensitivity and precise audio capture

360° precise audio capture

With 360° spatial sensitivity and smart noise cancellation, MicPods pick up the detail of your voice and render it in exceptional sound quality to deliver your audience a wonderful experience.

With No APP and Bluetooth required and automatic instant connection, You can save your time for setting up and creating your content effortlessly anywhere, especially on the go.

MicPods are designed in ultra-compact size and a refined appearance, anyone can compliment.

MicPods - Wireless lavalier Microphone - Crisp, clear, and beautiful audio for your own concert.

Crisp, clear, and beautiful audio.

Powered by the state of art DSP chip and a smart algorithm, MicPods capture precisely your sound and delivers rich detail in every episode. So all your followers will revel in every tone, from deep, rich bass to crisp, clear highs, and help every creator to stand out of the crowd.

MicPods - Wireless Lavalier Microphone - High Signal to Noise ratio and with furry windshield, easy mute the ambient noise

Mute the wind and ambient noise.

The Mic is covered in a special acoustic mesh, to filter out external ambient noise and block out the wind sound. Its noise cancellation function featured a high signal-to-noise ratio, which helps deliver your voice louder and clear. The thoughtful furry windshield, which perfectly fits the mic, will no doubt further reduce the noise all around you.

MicPods - Wireless Lavalier Microphone - small, discreet size, and travel friendly

Small, discreet in size, travel friendly.

One of the best travel-friendly features of the MicPods is its portability. They are designed to be ultra-compact. MicPods is very lightweight and take up much less volume than other Mics, you can simply put it in your pocket. With MicPods, You don’t need to worry about using your precious carry-on space. MicPods is easy to conceal and unobtrusive, which is perfect for filmmaking and showing your courtesy to the audience.

MicPods - Wireless Lavalier Microphone - free your movement and far range

Free movement and longer distance

Are you feeling a little bit frustrated about the tangled cable and setup when you record a podcast or talk show in new places? Are you being overwhelmed associated with being tethered to the cable when you record a documentary?

MicPods will alleviate the headache. Much easier and quicker setup, auto-connect, and you are able to move around freely. Powered by 2.4GHz transmission technology, The Mic can stretch more than 100m barrier-free distance while maintaining stable connection and sends crystal-clear, high-definition 48KHz stereo CD-quality audio across all channels.

MicPods - Wireless Lavalier Microphone - single, dual, Quatro version to support one, two, or four persons.

Single, Dual, or Quatro channel to suit your need.

Have you been in a situation while shooting with multiple-person interviews or stage show that requires audio clearly and discreetly? Depending on your choice, MicPods offer you 3 different versions: Single, Dual, or Quatro, which allows you to invite up to 4 persons to your content. All options have only one receiver which fits Most single Mic interface phones and DSLRs, etc.

Multi-platform support for live streaming and podcast and broad compatibility for devices.

Broad device compatibility

MicPods are verified and loved by tons of Vloggers, Youtubers, TikTokers, Live streamers, interviewers, actors, and other content creators. It provides 3 kinds of interface: Type C, 3.5mm Audio Jack, and lightning. And compatible with most DSLR cameras, Video cameras, iPhones, Android phones, game boxes, and computers. Simply choose the one that fits your need and start to level up your game in audio right away.

Verified by tons of content creators

Verified by tons of content creators

Want to create amazing audio and video content for your audience? Or maybe you're simply trying to get some distance from your smartphone or camera? Or you are in a rush for a speech or interview? 

We hear you louder and clear!

MicPods - Fresh new Wireless Lavalier Microphones was designed for content creators, video bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone that wants to have high-quality sound. To grow your audience, increase your sales with video content and presentations, It will give you premium audio in a much easier way plus so much more.

Are you ready to take your content to the next level?

To show your talent, to boost your sales, to vlog your life.....

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    Is this mini wireless microphone convennient to use?

    It is awesome. Pull the Mic out of the charging case and clip it into your collar,  plug the receiver into your device, they are ready to use. It will automatically pair and connect with NO APP and Bluetooth required. It is quick to wear, and after use, just need a second to put it back in the case and it will be automatically charged.

    I take interview videos. The disctance between cellphone and people sometimes will be long and in a moving state. Can it meet my need?

    The short answer is yes. SUPERA Mic maintains a stable connection with high-quality sound, no matter in the crowd or outdoors, sitting on Sofa or moving around. The barrier-free transmission range for our Mic is more than 100m,  but we suggest you use it within 20m to gain the best sound quality.

    Can I use this wireless microphone when I am doing live streaming on Facebook or Instagram?

    Sure yes. Our Mics are designed and widely used by Facebook/Instagram live stream, Tiktok creators, Vloggers, Youtubers, Podcasters, Interviewers, and other video recording lovers.

    Will there be a delay when the wireless lavalier microphone is working?

    There is almost no delay. Only a latency of 9ms because of wireless transmission. Human perceives a delay ONLY in an audio signal when the original sound is delayed by 50ms or more. So no worries.

    How does the wireless lavalier microphone recharge?

    It comes with a rechargeable Type C port on the bottom of the charging case.

    Can you pair more than one mic with the receiver?

    We have 3 different options for you to choose from, Single, Dual, or Quad. If you choose a dual-mic set, the receiver on your device will pair 2 mics. Depending on which option you choose, It can be used up to four people at the same time, or you can use only one microphone. It is an ideal solution for scenarios such as a live stream of interviews.

    How long does the charge last when this lavalier mic is fully charged?

    Our Mic can be used for up to 7 hours on one full charge, and the charging case can help extend to more than 35 hours of talking time. You don't need to worry about missing beautiful scenes to vlog in a full day and night of outdoor camping.

    While the mic is in use, does the phone have audio output available?

    Your phone doesn't have audio output while the Mic is in use. we assume you don't want to have interference and issues with your content recording.

    Can I use a Type C adapter to work with the iPhone mic?

    Yes, you can. But the Type-C adapter is not included in the iPhone/lighting package. Or you choose to use our Type C option instead.

    How many times does the charging case charge the wireless microphone?

    Built-in 450mAh battery, the portable charging case can recharge the microphone more than 5 times. The mic can work continuously for 7hrs when fully charged, which is equivalent to the total recording time of more than 35hrs.

    Does this mic work with GoPro10?

    Yes. We have a 3.5mm option that can be used for GoPro10. insert the 3.5mm receiver into the GoPro media mod. or you can use the official microphone adapter from GoPro10 to connect Mic. Actually, our Mic supports most DSLR/ILDC with a 3.5mm interface.

    Can I record guitar and vocals with it?

    Yes, sure. Its noise cancellation function can also minimize the ambient noise. So enjoy your concert.

    How good is the sound quality of this wireless microphone?

    In short, good enough. the sound quality is crystal clear and impressive.The mic is not necessarily going to WOW you in sound quality, but its compact size and great portability offer you the convenience of using it.

    what's included in the Mic package?

    The package includes 1*package box, 1*transmitter, 1/2/4 receiver, 1*charging cable, 1*charging case, 1*user manual, 1/2/4 Furry windshield

    what kind of benefit can I get from using your Mic?

    You can find the answer easily on our website.In Short: You can connect by effortlessly plug&play, all you far greater ease of movement without worry about a messy cable. It is durable because of its premium quality and maintains crystal clear sound even at long-distance thanks to superior Noise cancellation. Long battery life charging box brings you convenience on the go. Its fashionable design will win you a lot of compliments. And so much more.